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While Hosting is not rocket science per say, it does take some skills to be a good Host.Hosting is not just about letting people stay in your home, it goes beyond that. In this newsletter, we will cover the important points to guarantee a pleasant experience for you and your guests.

Clean as a whistle

Obviously, this is the first thing your guests will notice when they enter your property.
Make sure you clean the place the way you would like to find it when you return. We’ve noticed that people tend to leave the place clean when they find it in a pristine state.

Focus on the trouble areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom.
Make sure your fridge is clean and leave at least one empty fridge shelf for your guests to use. Wipe down all surfaces, appliances and fixtures. Remember to take the trash out before you leave and put new bin bags in.
Check that there are no stray hairs in the bathroom or anywhere else in the house.

If your place is unoccupied for a long period before your guests’ arrival, have your place cleaned (or at least dusted) just before their stay. An empty home tends to accumulate dusts on horizontal surfaces, especially in urban environments.

Create a good atmosphere: leave a candle or incents that guests can use.

Pack away and start hosting

Ensure that your place is not too cluttered up!
Pack away the things that will not be used during your guests’ stay. This will not only make your place looks more spacious but it will get rid of any tripping hazards.
While some guests live out of their suitcase, it is nice to leave an empty shelf in your wardrobe: a small rack space and couple of hangers for their suits, dresses or jackets.

Remove or hide any valuables that you do not want your guests to touch or see: your jewelry, your 24-year-old bottle of Whisky or your laptop.

Gear up

Make sure your guests will not miss any of the essential items.
It is expected that you provide clean towels (at least one per guest) and clean bed sheets. If for any reason you don’t, make it clear on your Airbnb description and remind your guests before they arrive so they can pack accordingly.
While most of us in Australia do not suffer from the winter months, some guests get cold! Provide heaters (ideally one in the living room and one in each bedroom) and extra blankets/quilts for the cold winter nights.
Another great feature of short-time rentals is the possibility for guests to cook! Ensure you have at least some salt, pepper, oil, pots and pans at your place.
Some other enjoyable items are: a hairdryer, a map, playing cards, DVDs…
One more thing: make sure you stock up on toilet paper (avoid home brand)!

Communication is key to hosting

Communication is key! Make sure you are clear in your instructions and things cannot be misinterpreted. Some people try very hard to interpret things their own way!
Be mindful of people coming from overseas, write the address clearly: NOT “22/320 George st” but “Unit 22, 320 George Street” and ask for their flight details to track their actual arrvial time. Also, communicate with your guests at least 24 hours prior their arrival (48 hours prior for people coming from Europe/USA as it takes 24-30 hours to arrive to Australia).

Be clear on your specific house rules (no smoking, no shoes inside…) or if you need your guests to perform a specific task (water the plants or feed the fish). Writing a note on the fridge is a simple but efficient trick!

Discuss the check-out time when checking-in your guests. If you cannot be there during the check-out, make sure you give clear instructions on how to secure the property and where to leave the keys.

Attention to details

It is all about small things! We always remember little attentions, so why not offer a welcome gift to your guests: it can be some chocolate, a bottle of wine, some fruits or just a welcome card. People do appreciate these things and they may be a little more forgiving if something else does not meet their expectations.
A little follow up text message during their stay is also enjoyable; something like “I hope you are enjoying your stay, let me know if you need anything.”

A house manual will ensure your guests make the most of their stay.
List your favorite restaurants, where to shop, the closest doctor/pharmacy and emergency contacts. You can also leave instructions on how to operate tricky appliances. This can avoid any breakage due to misuse.

Don’t forget to communicate or leave a post-it note with your Wi-Fi network name and password!

We hope these tricks will help you and facilitate your Host experience. If you had to remember one this should be it: treat you guests the way you would like to be treated.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Happy Hosting…