The face-to-face meeting is the opportunity to establish a relationship. You know who you are dealing with!

After setting a time and date at your convenience we meet at your place and go through your house rules just like you would do with your guests.

We will answer any questions you may have about our services.

At this stage we will collect a set of keys (“Office keys”) to provide future services.


This part of the service is FREE and last around 30 minutes (we know your time is valuable!)


Here is what people usually do (this is a guideline only and we can always find other options)

  • Your Keys: these are the ones you keep with you when you go away
  • Guests’ keys: People usually give 1 to 2 sets of keys to their guests
  • Office keys: This is the set of keys we collect during our initial visit. This is to guarantee we can access your property to provide our services and in case of emergency or if your guests locked themselves out.

So you will typically need at least 3 set of keys.

  • Guests’ keys:

For check-outs, you can instruct us to either leave the guests keys inside the apartment (so you have them when you come back) or collect the guests keys

 If the guests’ keys are collected upon check-out, you will be able to pick them up from our office (at no charge) or delivery can be organised to you (either trackable mail or courier).

  • Office keys:

Our set of keys is securely kept in our office safe.

 You can come and pick them up (at no charge) or delivery can be organised to you (either trackable mail or courier).

 If at a later stage you require our service, you will need to send the keys back at least 1 week before the service is due.

However, most people leave the office keys with us so they are available for future services.

After each service, keys are returned back to the safe. Keys are marked and identified with a secured code.

An added benefit of having us holding a set of your keys is our lock-out service. If your guests lock themselves out of your home, they can give us a call and we can let them back in. No locksmith needed!

Additional charges will apply


The aim of a check-in is to warmly welcome your guests, as if you would do it yourself!

We will show them the house and go through the house rules.  Recommend the local cafes and answer their questions as best we can (based on the information we collected during our initial visit).

Our service includes:

  • Wait for your guests up to 20 minutes after the check-in time communicated by you.
  • Show them around the house
  • Go through the house rules and the facilities (internet, washing machine, trash bins…)
  • Answer questions regarding the neighbourhood (public transport, supermarkets…)
  • Hand them the keys
  • Let you know that the guests have been welcomed

We need to be notified of any changes at least 24 hours prior. It is important for your guests to be there at the time you communicated to us.

You should  allow at least:

  • 3.5 hours if your guests arrive on an international flight
  • 2.5 hours if they arrive on a domestic flight
  • Traffic in Sydney can be hectic, therefore allow a buffer if they drive.

It is a good idea to recommend a local café to your guests in case they are a little early!

If your guests are late, make sure you share our contact details with them.

Link to our 24 hour notice policy


When checking out, our team will arrive at the property at the time you communicated to us (please remember we have a 24 hour notice policy ).

Our service includes:

  •  Inspecting your property for major damages or breakages
  • Taking pictures and notify you of any issues
  • Collecting feedback on your guests’ stay
  • Depending on your instructions, we will either collect the guests’ keys or leave them inside the property
  • Securing the property
  • Waiving your guests goodbye
  • Letting you know when the check-out has been completed

Please be mindful that we will not count each and every one of your cutlery but we will note any major damages that we see. From experience, we also know that guests report any malfunctions/breakages spontaneously.

You should book a check-out with Urbankeyz 30 minutes before your guests are scheduled to leave. This way it gives us time to go through the house and collect your guests’ feedback and their set of keys.
24 hour notice policy


Our service includes:

  • Cleaning bathrooms and toilets
  • Cleaning horizontal surfaces in the kitchen (kitchen bench, sink…)
  • Taking the trash out
  • Vacuuming
  • Putting the furniture back in place
  • Placing fresh linen for your next guests if you requested it. If you want us to do so, please make sure you provide clean linen.

Our team will collect the linen during cleaning and have it cleaned by a professional laundry.

The fresh linen will be applied once cleaned.

Prices are calculated based on the number of beds.

A 1 bed “linen package” includes the washing of:

  • 1 bedding set
  • bathroom towels
  • A couple of tea towels

Property management

We understand your time is precious and we offer an all-inclusive solution for your short term rental.

Just give us your Rental website (Airbnb, Stayz…) login details and we will handle everything. If you don’t have an account we can help you set one up and make it look good!

Our services include:

  • Set up a pricing policy together to optimise your income
  • Communicate with your future guests (answer enquiries regarding your property, availability…)
  • Filter out undesirable guests based on criteria you defined with us
  • Manage your online calendar
  • Welcome guests
  • Answer Guests queries throughout their stay
  • Be there during check-out
  • Clean your property between guests
  • Clean and apply linen
  • Write feedbacks on your guests after their departure.

Of course we will keep you updated during each step of the process (unless you instruct us not to).

You will also be able to track everything through your preferred short-time rental website.

We charge 25% of the total listed price (this excludes any potential fees from the rental website).  An additional cleaning fee of $75 (per bedroom, per stay) is applied. This is typically passed on to the guest through the rental website.

A minimum of 3 nights per stay is required.

You collect the money directly on your account and we send you an invoice on a monthly basis.


You want to list your 1 bedroom property for $200/night. We will add a $75 cleaning fee to be paid by the guests through the short term rental website (Airbnb)

If you have a 3 night booking , you will collect $675 (3x$200 for the stay + $75 for the cleaning) minus potential fees from the rental website

We will send you an invoice of $225: $150 for the stay (25% of $600) + $75 for the cleaning

We believe that providing short-term rental via Airbnb or Stayz is about “peer-to-peer exchange” and not a “hotel-like” service. So, we do not provide 24/7 service. Saying that, we will respond, where possible, to queries addressed to us.