We charge 25% of the total listed price (this excludes any potential fees from the rental website).  An additional cleaning fee of $75 (per bedroom, per stay) is applied. This is typically passed on to the guest through the rental website.

A minimum of 3 nights per stay is required.

You collect the money directly on your account and we send you an invoice on a monthly basis.


You want to list your 1 bedroom property for $200/night. We will add a $75 cleaning fee to be paid by the guests through the short term rental website (Airbnb)

If you have a 3 night booking , you will collect $675 (3x$200 for the stay + $75 for the cleaning) minus potential fees from the rental website

We will send you an invoice of $225: $150 for the stay (25% of $600) + $75 for the cleaning

Category: Property management

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