What are guests looking for in an Airbnb accommodation?

What are guests looking for in an Airbnb accommodation?

When travellers are renting an Airbnb as guests, they are not looking for an hotel-like accommodation but rather a place where they could live like a local and make the most of their trip.
A clean and safe home with a story, with an ambiance, with memories are what drives the Airbnb spirit. This is what your guests are looking for.

Now that being said, let’s get a little bit deeper into the process and start asking yourself: “If I were a guest, how would I like my Airbnb experience to be?” and “What would I expect from my Airbnb accommodation?”



Communication is key to a great Airbnb accommodation especially for first-time guests. Most of them are quite anxious before booking an accommodation as they don’t really know what to expect despite the pictures, house description and the reviews.

Remember the first time you booked an Airbnb, I am sure you were asking yourself a tone of questions such as “What should I do if my host asked a friend to welcome me and this person did not show up?”, “What happens if the alarm goes off and I cannot stop it…”. To make your guests as comfortable as possible, start answering those questions on your listing or directly by communicating with them through a private message. To reassure them, do not hesitate to give your friend’s name and phone number after confirming the time and date of their arrival. You can also create a house manual to give your guests some tips about your place and its surroundings (cafes, restaurants, store locations…)



Yes! Wifi is a key feature (even more than a parking spot). Welcoming guests myself, I am always surprised to see how many of them are asking for the Wifi password literally five minutes after entering the property. If you do not provide a complementary wifi, make sure to have at least a prepaid wifi modem that your guests can recharge.


Fresh linen and cooking essentials

Most Airbnb users are coming from overseas and are limited with their baggage allowance. Thus, they are looking for a fully furnished home in which they won’t have to bring their own bed sheets, towels and their whole kitchen. The purpose of their stay is either to visit the city or to work. So everything you can do to make them appreciate their stay is more than welcome. You can provide them with linen for the beds, bath towels and tea towels.

Please note that a full set of linen usually includes:

As for cooking essentials, try to offer some basics things such as salt, pepper, olive oil, spices and sauces. If you are really considerate, you could add some milk and eggs.


Special attentions

Guests are really grateful regarding special attentions. A handwritten card with some chocolates or local products will definitely work in your favour. The more your guest will feel special, the highest your chance of getting a great review will be. If your guests feel special, you are likely to score a great review.


Of course, being the perfect host is not that easy. It requires some time and experience. If you ever consider renting your property on Airbnb on a regular basis (or if you already have but  you no longer wish to manage it on your own), you are more than welcome to send us an email at booking@urbankeyz.com.au. After that, one of our Urbankeyz team members will be in touch with you. For more information regarding our services, check-out our “Services & prices” page and our new brochure.