Renting your property on Airbnb while on summer holidays

Renting your property on Airbnb while on summer holidays

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Christmas holidays are right around the corner and all you may think about is escaping the city for quite some time without breaking your piggy bank. Well, you can always rent your home on Airbnb to get extra income. That way, it will help you visit your dream destination.

Last summer, more than 15 million tourists visited Sydney and around. This figure is due to increase in the coming years. Thus, with an ever-growing demand, more and more owners are renting their home on Airbnb. It enables them to get extra cash and to make sure someone will look after their place while they are away.


Staying at an Airbnb is trendy


Escaping overcrowded hotels, visitors are now looking for an accommodation that suits them better. A studio in the heart of Surry hills, a unique one bedroom in vintage Newtown or a waterfront house in Bondi, all those properties have one thing in common: for a short period of time, they will become their home.


The benefits of renting your place in summer


More than getting an extra income, renting your property on Airbnb for a couple of weeks allows you to choose:

  • The number of stays you want to organise for the whole period of your holidays
  • The length of each stay
  • The nightly price rate
  • Your guest’s profile

Thanks to Airbnb’s features, you can require from your guests an ID verification or recommendations from previous hosts. That way, you will only be welcoming guests you choose rather than perfect strangers. Another thing to note is that you are more likely to rent your home during the peak season (from October to April). Not only, many guests will be requesting to stay at your place but you will also get a great value from their stay.


Location is your biggest asset


If your home is located in a safe and well-known district, close to shops, activities and public transportation, lucky you!!!! You are way ahead of the others. Indeed, if your place is easy to reach by bus or train, chances are that you will attract more guests.


More than a hotel, a comfortable home


When guests are renting an Airbnb at a high price, even if they know it is an Airbnb, they are expecting a certain level of comfort. A flat screen TV, high-speed internet, Netflix or a hair dryer may seem obvious to have but believe it or not, some Airbnb are missing one or two of those things. Also, something you do not want is to welcome your guests in a dirty place. Thus, when renting a property for a short period of time, we would recommend hiring a professional cleaner, that way you won’t have to worry about cleaning it on your own.


Last but not least, welcoming guests in your home is what makes Airbnb today. However, very few owners get to do it personally now, especially while they are on holidays. They either ask a friend, a colleague, or a company to do it. In Sydney, numerous companies were created to help busy owners manage their Airbnb listing such as ours. Urbankeyz has been working for almost two years with very different owners. We manage every property just like we would manage our own. We welcome guests and show them their home for the week, we also answer every enquiry they may have. We then clean the property after their departure to make sure the following guests will sleep in a fresh bed.


Time is money

Renting your own home on Airbnb when you are on holidays can be quite challenging as you won’t be physically here to manage everything. You will have to answer guests’ booking requests, make sure one of your friends is here to welcome them, clean the place for the next guests…Thankfully, companies like Urbankeyz are able to provide all those services for you and your guests. That way you will be able to fully enjoy your holidays and at the same time earn some extra income. If you wish to rent your property on Airbnb and need some help with it, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you 🙂


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